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2007-11-18 23:06:50 by Yciltoaen

Hello, Im a musician. My main instrument is the violin. The work that I submit in this forum is midi.
These are sampled synths/keyboards and simulated percussions. I dont use loops however, I make
my own from time to time. I am currently writing more tunes to submit. Next Summer I hope that I will
be able to make (somewhat decent) flash games/movies. Hope you enjoy what i submit!



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2008-01-11 12:11:36

FLah is a bithcy program. I think everyone should dedicate for what they are good.
I am good at animating, for example, but I cant make the simplest music. THATS WHERE YOU COME IN!


2008-01-21 17:51:39

hey Ycil, I was about to quit your music because I had one of my own that preddy much fit in the movie, but after a few tries I decided to keep it like it was.

besides, You made it specially for me, dude, thanks


2008-02-08 16:06:51

hey yo ycil that megaman shit is gonna be released by tomorrow. ENTER THE PORTAL IN THE MOARNING PLEASE